TMJ Treatment

If you are experiencing chronic or acute pain in your face, head, neck and/or jaws, you may be suffering from a condition called Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder include headaches; pain in your neck, throat or shoulder or even your back; clicking, popping or grating sounds in your jaw or your jaw ‘locking’; pain in your jaws, ear, or face; grinding or clenching your teeth, or a bite that feels uncomfortable of ‘off’; problems with opening your mouth comfortably; ear problems; including ringing in your ears or decreased hearing; swelling on one side of your face; scalp tenderness; problems swallowing; vision problems or dizziness.

We diagnose TMJ disorder by performing several examinations, including postural examination, a cranial examination, a dental examination and a neurological examination. We will be looking at the range of motion of the jaw, the speed of opening and closing, joint sounds, internal TMJ, inflammation and pain. We utilise the most advance diagnostic equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorder.

If we find that you do indeed suffer from TMJ disorder we will provide you with a range of adjunctive therapies and orthotic therapy to help alleviate the pain and correct your bite.

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New Patient Offer

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